Our Beginnings

The Drum Circle began in 1998 as a healing Circle for our sister Margo who was diagnosed with breast cancer. The Drum Circle has been growing strong ever since – and Margo has had a remarkable recovery!Vicki and Margo

Vicki is the founder of the San Diego Women’s Drum Circle, a drum event for women of all ages and walks of life that has been meeting monthly since 1998. Vicki is a native Californian who has been drumming and organizing drumming events for many years.

She began the study of the drum with Middle Eastern percussionist Frank Lazzaro. Vicki has completed facilitation workshops with world-renowned drummer and Drum Circle facilitator Paulo Mattioli. Vicki is currently a student of Tam Tam Mandingue School of Percussion in San Diego.

Vicki is a cheery soul who believes in the power of the drum to heal, and its ability to bring people together through rhythm while having fun making music. Vicki is a National Certified Licensed Massage Therapist and she lives in San Diego, California.


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